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From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I am the creator of Pure Abundance Coaching, where I empower thousands of awoke and conscious soulpreneurs and entrepreneurs to rise into money and abundance.

I am also a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Emotion Code Facilitator, Psych-K Practitioner, and an Intuitive Entrepreneur.

Together with my clients, we have created and manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars, successful businesses, inspired relationships, and their happy “freedom” lives.

Activate and upgrade your subconscious frequency into your abundance life.

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Money Mindset, is it really enough?

Money Mindset, is it really enough? Everyone is talking about money mindset, and leading into the free live challenge in my group I think it's relevant to refresh ourselves with some money manifesting information. Firstly just in case you are not sure what "money...

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What you believe you receive. Beliefs are one of the biggest roadblocks to creating your freedom life and business. When you don’t have the right foundational beliefs and you don’t really believe in yourself enough, it will show up in your results, your money, your...

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Your Hidden Money Blocks Revealed

The Hidden Subconscious Block that is Repelling Money. Yesterday on a coaching call with a client, It became very clear to me that as an entrepreneurial woman and mother there are some boundaries we may not realise holding us back. This beautiful healer and meditation...

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6 Signs the Universe is Bringing You All that You Want

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re on the right path when trying to manifest. The 6 signs the Universe is bringing you all that you want may not be visible to you yet, so keep reading. As much you as know (at least I hope so by now) that the Universe is always...

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Does Hard Work Guarantee a Successful Business?

Do you believe that you have to work hard to have a successful business? Let me tell you a story. I am going to introduce you to Anna. Anna is a hard-working mum of 2 beautiful young children. She is also a popular hair stylist, with an inspired side hustle as a...

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5 Top Tips to Create The Best Start In 2019

“This Year is Going to Be the Best Year Ever!” If you have started out the year saying this and then getting to the end and wondering where did the time go! If you set powerful Intentions leading up to the New Year, only to get distracted or fall short, due to the...

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Soulful Selling

Download my Soulful Selling eBook: How to Sell Your Coaching Products Without Freaking-Out About Selling and Asking Your Clients High-Ticket Prices. This Soulful Selling eBook is completely free and in it, you’ll discover:

  • Key points to have a great sales call
  • Questions to start the conversation with your prospects or ideal clients
  • Discovery questions you should ask to qualify your prospect as a buyer that needs your product or services