Why Even the Best of Coaches

Have a Coach


Do you find it strange that even the most successful coaches continue hiring a coach for their life and their business? Have you recognized that they never go to it “alone”? Sometimes they even have multiple coaches, functional doctors, energy workers, and guides.

Successful entrepreneurs know they have to always strive to better themselves and they know that they need guidance from somebody who has already achieved the success they are looking for.

Here’s the thing: no matter how much talent, or how many skills you have, you still need to nurture your gifts.

Think about the most successful athletes. They didn’t become the greatest in their sports just because they had talent alone. No! They HAD great coaches from the early stages that were able to pinpoint the areas they needed to focus on to become the athlete they are today.

They were coached to correct minor and major errors or to make subtle corrections that turned out to be the most dramatic change for their careers…. The idea is that they didn’t make those decisive changes on their own. They had somebody to guide them and make them implement those corrections.

As odd as it may sound, even the most successful people need coaching and mentoring from others. Setting goals and being motivated is not enough. Sometimes even the most ambitious people will have problems staying on track.

Some will feel that they must get more certifications or more degrees in order to be more successful this is one of the ways we hold ourselves back, you may think you need a better website, more social media knowledge, maybe you feel you need to get everything perfect before you can be successful but that is simply not the case.

You need the right skill set. Being an entrepreneur is so different to what most of us are taught in school. It is so different it is bound to bring up your triggers. Anytime we do something new our nervous system need to come along with us, and the entrepreneurial journey is no different.

The way of the entrepreneur is backwards to our conditioned way of life. In school we are taught to study, do the test, then get the result… as an entrepreneur you take the risk, then get the result and then do the study. This is very dysregulating and also why most people fail…if you don’t have people with you, such as a coach or mentor you can imagine the fear and the alarm bells going off every time.

YOU can not do it alone and the most successful people understand this!

The role of a great coach or mentor is to be there to hold you accountable, to help you to see the blind spots, to keep you on target, and to make sure that you are set, and you are hitting all of your goals.

Another situation that can happen when you tend to do it all by yourself is to become overconfident about a certain idea or project and you fail to get the outside advice that could sculpt your business better.

Sometimes you may get so close to a project that you can’t distance yourself to truly see the bigger picture.

Whereas, when you have a coach that coach isn’t emotionally attached to any idea or project, he or she CAN quickly dissect the problem, pointing out areas that need corrections or improvement, and develop plans and strategies for a more successful outcome.

Think of your coach as being like an airport’s flight control tower. Your coach is the “command center” that monitors the activity of the entire business.  Just like on a flight from point A to point B, you can literally be going off course all the time. Having a coach or a mentor will help you get redirected. Your coach is like an outside observer that will meticulously consider all the possible variables and outside influences to make sure that you stay and or get back on track and succeed.

Sometimes, the role of your coach will be to point out that maybe you are aiming your business at an entirely wrong destination. In this situation, you may be better suited heading towards another alternative. I had to say that to one of my clients just recently. She was creating a weight loss course when nobody even knew that she was involved in anything related to health and wellness…or even had a passion for anything related to this topic.

Remember, it is very important to harness your talent. Your EXISTING talent. You have to be super passionate about something and live and breath that something if you are thinking of doing a business centered around your passion.

As your coach, I not only help you harness your existing talent, but I also help you bring out qualities that you have never known you had. I work hand in hand with my clients and I help them dig deep into their potential and remove the blocks that prevent them from reaching their maximum potential.

It almost feels like we are taking a spark and we nurture it, we remove the obstacles, take it into the right environment that allows the spark to reach its full capacity and transform itself into a brilliant and flawless fire that drives your business and creates the impact you set out to create in your business and your life.

If you are ready to reach your potential as an impact-driven female entrepreneur; if you are ready to reach the success in your business and your life, become the leader in your industry that you always wanted to become, my mission as a Pure Abundance Coach is to help you unlock and unblock your greatness.

I want to help you disrupt and recognize the patterns and the nervous system conditioning that is keeping you stuck so you can become the wildly successful and impactful self.

I’m here to tell you that you can have, and you can reach it all!

See you at the top of YOUR WORLD!

Xoxo Bec

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