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I overcome negative self-talk, have a better action plan, became more productive, and developed a few great strategies to grow my business consistently!

I am a serial entrepreneur

At a very young age, I decided that no one was going to tell me what to do, and I also discovered that if I wanted money I had to go out and earn it. You could say I am a serial entrepreneur starting from age selling flowers to my neighbors ( even though they were in fact their own actual flowers…but that story is for another time lol) I got a taste for earning money and gaining my own independence!

In my mid-twenties, after being a manager in many places and gaining leadership skills I bought my first traditional business and had that for over 8 years. I have had 3 home-based side hustles and some great success but I was still not reaching the level of success, time freedom, lifestyle, and general purposefulness that I knew I wanted.

I had to discover how to become the confident, happy, balanced mumpreneur, I needed to change my own reality and become a deliberate conscious creator!

After discovering and learning many energy modalities and combining them with universal processors, easy action steps, and consistency I am now the confident entrepreneur, who has money flowing into her life with ease and flow. I have RELEASED the blocks and obstacles, and that has helped me to speed up manifestations and synchronicity.

Bec Lotus

I’m an Abundance Breakthrough Coach

I teach women just like you how to attract and keep a stable stream of clients who are in alignment with what you offer. Helping entrepreneurial women create businesses that can sustain the lifestyles they desire and expand their lives with the freedom of prosperity is my zone of genius. 


I create a customized process that is designed to get you to live the Law of Attraction. My unique Hybrid Energy Coaching is a deep mixture of years of study of eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, energy tools, and modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience, and frequency technologies.

There are numerous benefits to being in flow and aligning to what you want in life and business.

Bec Lotus

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