The Alchemy of

Money Attraction

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Money is one of the most misunderstood treasures in humanity. Most of us want more, but don’t know how to create and attract it.

In The Alchemy of Money Attraction, I take you through the magical process of turning your desires into money.

This dynamic course will change your life and help you bring more money into your life with ease and flow.

The Alchemy of Money attracts and transmutes money!

Based on the secrets of the Great Alchemists, this course will help you chart a roadmap to help you attract and create wealth in every area of your life: health, relationships, time, home, career, finances — whatever YOU dream of! This is a live group program designed for you to work with other people. Weekly classes and discussions with the support and feedback from other people on the same path is what make this program work when nothing else has.

What we cover

This 3-week live, group program helps you align with your money-making purpose so that the real magic of simple, undeniable, attraction patterns can work for you.

And, best of all, you are part of a community of like-minded people who are working at attracting riches into your life, too.

The Law of Attraction is nothing to be intimidated by and it is nothing short of miraculous.

It can work just as reliably for you as it does for others.

Together we will play with our divine ability to create anything and everything we want.

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