HOW frequency healing can change your life

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”

Not so long ago I was setting a very conscious and deliberate intention out into the universe.

My intention was to protect and heal myself and my family from everything going on in the world right now, protect and heal our health, protect and heal our energy, and of course to protect and create conscious wealth so we were not beholden to the government for any handouts that may come at a cost I was not willing to pay.

So, as I was asking the Divine to please send me the best way to help myself and my family become even more healthy and conscious.

Just like I always say ask and it is given, I had been given a gift for healing, protection, and an opportunity for creating even more conscious wealth!

Although often we don’t know where or how it is going to come to us, when manifesting, we must remain open and available to receive opportunities even if they don’t seem like the type of opportunity, we thought we were after.

Which is exactly what happened to me when Healy came along…

As I was aligning myself every day to the universe and keeping myself in receiving mode, I did keep seeing one very intriguing and holistic technology that literally piqued my interest. It kept coming into my conscious awareness time and time again. And as a Law of Attraction Coach I knew that meant I was supposed to look more closely.

That is when I started doing a lot more research and learning more about Healy and the holistic and therapeutic frequencies that have physically, emotionally, and mentally changed my life.

Six weeks into my Healy journey I have had vast and rapid results including drastically reduced back pain, period pain, less anxiety and moodiness but another surprising and very happy result was my newfound energy and bank balance!

Let me explain some more for you.

So, imagine you are winding down and relaxing. You are reading a book or watching TV.

You are sitting perfectly still, and you are not moving.

Your entire body is at rest and not moving at all.

Your lungs might not fall in this category because you must breathe, but other than that, you are completely relaxed.

Do you think nothing else is moving at all?

If you answered ‘yes’ you might be wrong!

You cannot complete stop your entire body and its functions. And these are only the things you can see.

What you cannot see are the energy and vibration energies of your body. We all have them. Even if you were to completely stop your entire bodily functions, your body would continue emitting energy and vibrating at frequencies you cannot normally detect.

We are all vibrating at different frequencies.

On a cosmic scale this vibration is still noticeable, and it continues connecting you to the world around you, whether you are aware of it or not.

How is that possible? It does not really seem possible, right?

You are probably telling yourself that you would certainly know that you are vibrating. You would certainly feel it, and if you were to feel it you would certainly be able to control it, wouldn’t you?

Can you affirm with certainty that you can control everything…? I mean everything that your body does.

You can control most of what your body can do, but it is impossible to control every function.

It is just the way the nature works.

You go do the doctor if you feel that something is not working as it should be. Doctors can fix a lot of things when something goes wrong in our body. But they cannot absolutely fix everything.

Just like you cannot control everything that your body does. It is just the natural order of things.

And it is also the natural order of things for all living matter to vibrate at certain frequencies. Living matter like yourself, plans, animals, or even microscopic beings like bacteria, all vibrate at their own frequencies. Even nonliving objects like fluids, rocks, or gasses all bounce around at certain frequencies.

The space itself has its own vibrational setting. This setting can and does interact with you even when you are the most relaxed you have ever been and you are not moving at all.

How is that possible?

As I explained earlier, everything around us, down to the microscopic level vibrates. No matter how at rest are these microscopical things they are constantly moving. If you remember biology classes you know that our bodies are made of protons, neutrons, and subatomic particles. These particles are constantly swirling around the nucleuses of various atoms. They have been in movement from your conception and continue to move at different frequencies your entire life.

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So now that you are aware that your body is vibrating at its own frequency you might want to ask:

What is my frequency?

Scientifically it has been determined that the humans tend to vibrate at a range of 62-68 MHz. There is about 6MHz difference between the two numbers. That is the actual range that the human body vibrates at but in actuality the human body vibrates differently with different parts.

Most of the factors that determine the frequency of a certain body part depend on the body composition, genetics, environmental effects, and other factors that are beyond any ability to control. We are all different, we have different lifestyles, we come from different backgrounds, we live different lives. There is no universal frequency setting for a certain body part for all humans.

The lungs for example, they vibrate around 58-60 MHz, the stomach is around 58-65 MHz, and the liver is generally at 55-60 MHz…. the list can go on and on.