Midas Touch


Individual Program


Take your soul work you are born to do and channel it into impact & prosperity while Activating your wealth frequency.

The Midas Touch is a one-on-one hybrid program in which we use energy work to move and release the deepest resistance to success in your business and life. The program shifts you into 100% abundance mode and makes you magnetic to your desires, almost by magic!

In addition to energy work, the program includes one-on-one coaching,  virtual seminars, and various highly effective techniques to achieve transformative results. 

This package is for you if you want to finally achieve freedom from your deepest limitations and manifest your greatest desires. Transform your life!

I feel Your Pain...

I feel your pain, the struggle and the lack of self-worth, the frustration and the powerless feeling that you can’t control your finances, you cant attract the right clients or sell your products. You feel like your backs against the wall and you know that things have to change or you will be looking for a job and that thought is terrifying.

You don’t even know if you can carry on with this entrepreneurial venture, it feels like such a drain. As you’re checking emails and doing another post that gets crickets, all you’re thinking about are your kids and husband and the time you are missing out with them.

You want to serve at the highest divine level for your family, your fellow sisters, and yourself, you’re ready to dive deep into your own healing, step outside of your comfort zone and get visible but you just don’t know how.

If you’re over struggling financially and seeing others succeed, comparing yourself is only bringing up old wounds.

It’s time to release the self-doubt and step into your purpose to claim what’s yours.

Don’t give up just yet!

Without financial power, you are stuck in a powerless vortex.

This Program is for You If...

You’re a coach, healer, change agent, passionate entrepreneurial woman who has read all the books and done all the courses but you still struggle to create the PROSPERITY and SUCCESS you truly desire.

It’s time to change things once and for all.

What's Included

12 x 60-minute coaching and healing sessions with me

Including full energetic alignment to your goals, a personalized and specific strategy and plan for your business, and emotional and energetic clearing using a range of different modalities including Kinesiology, Emotion Code, Psych-K, and more.

1 x 30 min personalized visualization specific for your

Unlimited message support

I like to be there for my VIP clients, transcending into new
energies can cause some disruptions and you get to feel
fully supported and valued with my unlimited messenger


Money Magnet Intensive home study course

Full 6-week program that will teach you everything about manifesting money and more



Which allows you to book an extra 60 min session whenever you like without any extra cost.

By the end of 90 days you will...

MOVE from Lack into Abundance with easy processors, and fill up the client list with ease and grace.

LEARNearn how to sell, package, and ascend into the wealthy women you always dreamed of, while staying safe and supported.

✔ I will REPROGRAM and rewire your subconscious, release your limiting beliefs, and together with my trauma-informed, unique process.

✔ Simple step-by-step process to grow your business, audience, built trust, and organic marketing strategies

✔ I will lead you hand-by-hand into this new frequency and powerful person you have inside.

RAISE your receiving abilities due to the massive energetic shifts in your consciousness.

LET GO of the judgments and fears of family members, friends, and nay Sayers and step fully into your true abundant self.

SHIFT from the feelings of unsupported energy and move into a state of total belief, knowing, divine alignment, and Flow.

✔ You will be in a place where you radiate confidence, wealth, abundance. RISE UP on the consciousness scale and manifest like never before.

✔ You become 100% energetically aligned to your financial goal, (massive energetic releasing) and switch on to 100 % abundance mode.

✔ Clients, opportunities, money literally start to magnetize towards you (this is freaky and so EF’ing Amazing!

✔ You get over 600 beliefs reprogrammed using the powerful modality of Psych-K.

✔ Releasing of negative energies, traumas, resonances, heart wall, and more!

✔ Plus, the core belief balance that in itself is worth every cent.

✔ Combined with practical proven strategies to call in the clients, write up your offers, programs and allow the money!

Are you ready for a total self care transformation?

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