Does Hard Work Guarantee a Successful Business?

Do you believe that you have to work hard to have a successful business?

Let me tell you a story. I am going to introduce you to Anna.

Anna is a hard-working mum of 2 beautiful young children. She is also a popular hair stylist, with an inspired side hustle as a network marketer.

Anna has been doing well with her businesses, but she felt stuck and couldn’t seem to attract any new blood in her side hustle or book new clients in her hair biz.

Anna worked hard. She looked for help and solutions everywhere.

That’s when Anna coincidently stumbled across me and my website. She joined my free group, Manifestation Mum™ where I help spiritual mumpreneurs release their abundance blocks, feel supported, and share their own businesses and offers to other mumpreneurs.

Being part of my group, Anna participated in a few free challenges. She loved the outcomes but wanted some extra help with her money and business blocks. This led her to contact me and book a free mini session.

We chatted over Zoom for about 20 minutes and I was able to identify some of the root causes of her struggles that were preventing her from attracting more clients for her salon and her inspired side hustle.

You see, Anna was stuck in the same place for months and she was getting very frustrated because it didn’t matter how much work she put in, she wasn’t seeing the results.

She even went to her upline in her side hustle and was asking for help and guidance. Her upline told her to go back to the list, to get out the chicken list (you all know what I am talking about) and send messages, make new friends, send the info, send the links etc…

A lot of the people she contacted started blocking her….They ignored her messages, stopped responding and that got her even more frustrated.

Anna realized that she needs to learn new skills to attract new people. So, she learned new ways to market, including attraction marketing, but the “attraction factor” was still missing.

Have you ever felt this way?

Does this sound familiar?

Well, Anna made another decision, which was to invest in herself. She realised that the biggest things that were getting in her way had nothing to do with learning the new marketing techniques (which you should continue learning as an entrepreneur anyway.)

What Anna needed was to reprogram her subconscious belief systems, release the emotional blocks and energies to raise her abundance frequency.

She was doing the work, getting the training, and still not seeing the rewards because deep down she didn’t believe she was worthy of the abundance she was hoping to create.

She had years of unconscious programming, years of self-doubt, and limiting beliefs that she had to overcome if she wanted to attract the success, she truly desired.

So, Anna booked my 6-week Abundance Alignment Program. I created this 6-week program to help mumpreneurs just like Anna to release the blocks, attract clients and money, and align to their full potential and purpose.

During the 6-week program, Anna had weekly 60 minutes of one-on-one coaching sessions. (in honesty they were actually longer than 60 minutes). She was also able to contact me with any questions or concerns she had during the week, so she also had unlimited email and messenger support during the program.

During our sessions, I used a hybrid style of coaching that includes energy modalities such as Psych K, Emotion Code, and Law of Attraction principles (which, by-the-way, I’m a certified coach.) This type of coaching was not only designed to speed up her manifestations, but we were also able to release her limiting beliefs and align her 100% to her abundance specific goals.

During our sessions, we reprogrammed more than 500 limiting beliefs, and she received an entire practical plan of action steps that she is able to implement for the rest of her life.

Due to her alignment and the energy work we’ve done together, Anna had her best month yet. She said it was like the abundance tap was all of a sudden turned on! She called me and almost brought me to tears when she told me of her 10 new business partners in her side hustle and she also booked out her salon for the next few months.

People had to get on a waiting list just to get an appointment with her or book it months ahead!

She was able to afford to outsource parts of her business and life, got a cleaner and an assistant, which meant spending more quality time with her children and family.

Isn’t this what we all want in the end anyway?

Are you able to spend the time you want with those who matter to you the most?

What would it mean to you if you were able to move on to whatever the next level you need to be so YOU can be the one that calls the shots in your life?

Anna has been doing that for a year now. She’s her own boss. She decides who, where, what, when, how much…

Do you need to:
• Learn how to manifest?
• Learn how to fast track your manifestations?
• Release resistance?
• Energetically align with your goals?
• Remove some limiting beliefs?
• Create more money working fewer hours?
• Step into the most empowered version of yourself so you can manifest your freedom business…. With ease, fun and happiness like never before…?

Well…. we don’t know for sure yet! But we can find out when you book a mini session with me.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work. When you’re not in alignment, you are sending out the wrong message to the universe. The money, the time, the success, and the freedom becomes beyond reach.

Remember the basics of the Law of Attraction, whatever you send out you will attract. I want to go a little further and say whatever you subconsciously and consciously send out you will attract.

Change your vibrations, your beliefs, your programming and then watch as YOU change your life.

Click on the button below and use this code “Intro10”, to get a session on me (absolutely FREE…20 minutes Zoom call.)

Why don’t you find out once and for all what is preventing you from getting to the next level, blocking your manifestations and deepest desires?

Book Your Mini-session Now!

Are you ready to make this year the best year ever?

xoxo Bec


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Psych-k, Energy Psychology & Changing Your Beliefs!!!

Have you heard of energy psychology? Psych-k to be precise? If not, well you’re in for a real treat.

I found Psych-k at the end of the book “Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton and instantly wanted to know more. Firstly what do you know about beliefs? Science can now prove that our beliefs, not our genes determine 95% of our decision-making… Did you know most of these beliefs are in our subconscious? This is our habitual brain, Our automatic hard drive so to speak.

I’m going to explain this in a way people can understand, so If we use the analogy of a computer….ok let’s do this lol. 

So our brain is a computer, that makes our conscious brain the front screen, it can have a few things up on the screen at once, and can do a limited amount of things at the same time. In fact, we know our conscious brain can take in 40 bits of information per second, pretty good right?stay with me here.

Then that makes our sub-conscious brain, the hard drive. Not just any old hard drive but a MASSIVE hard drive. It can take up to 40,000,000 bits of information per second! and that is no Joke! It holds every single memory, every emotion, and the majority of our beliefs.

Oh yeah and this is the best bit! Did I mention The majority of these beliefs are installed, courtesy of our environment, and were inherited before we were 7 years old…

Do you know what that means? Have you ever heard people say…” you’re just like your mother”?… Have you ever caught yourself doing or saying the exact things your parents did ……that’s right, this is no coincidence, we learn all of our habits from our parents and the environment we grow up in! Now, I am not blaming anyone but…..hahaha, you get the picture.

I bet your thinking of some common things your parents would say…let me guess one for you, ” money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to do good at school or you will never be anyone”…and sooo many more. Unfortunately and definitely not on purpose, but many of these beliefs/habits are no longer serving us and are undoubtedly self-limiting.

May you have heard of affirmations? hypnosis? subliminal audios? tapping? Just to name a few different ways people have been trying to change their subconscious beliefs into more affirming ones. Beliefs for empowerment, self-love, success, wealth, health! And those things are absolutely great, I have used almost all myself at some stage, that was until I found  PSYCH-K! Now with this amazing modality, everyone has the ability to shortcut the change process and replace self-limiting subconscious beliefs, quickly and easily, with powerful self-supporting beliefs for a long-lasting change.

PSYCH-K  was originated by Rob Williams in 1988. It was the first time that a human was able to directly communicate with our internal or subconscious world and optimize it! ( we now have learned our subconscious controls almost 98% of our psychological and biological reality!..). Thanks to Rob, we can all quickly and verifiability optimize the software of our mind. Feel like an upgrade? 

It has been popularly characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits, PSYCH-K is the result of “a series of intuitive leaps of consciousness,” generated by years of research and thousands of individual and group sessions.

It is actually quite simple, it is a direct way to transform and permanently change self-limiting beliefs into self-supporting beliefs at the subconscious level. Now we know how incredibly important that is for the real change, you can imagine the rise in consciousness and vibration! Wouldn’t you like to be able to attract what you really want and feel worthy at the same time?

I have found through research and my own coaching experience, that everyone has at least 70% of their beliefs working against them.  Now, do you understand why energy psychology, specifically psych-k are so important! It explains why people find it so hard to change. when you are PROGRAMED at such a young age, it can be almost impossible to have the long-lasting change we all desire. Your undoubtedly devoted, protective parents installed all of their insecurities, their mindset, and their own limitations onto you. Plus the environment of keeping up with the jones’s or Kardashian ( whichever generation you’re from) You can understand how these beliefs are not always in our favor. That’s where conscious awareness and energy psychology can be extremely effective. I have found with my own experiences and clients, the long-lasting change of the subconscious beliefs can have a huge impact of your self-esteem, self-worth, success, business, fear, love, relationships, spirituality, and every area of your life.

“It’s overall purpose is to accelerate individual and global evolution by aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom from the world’s great spiritual and intellectual traditions. It makes wisdom a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than a day-to-day struggle. The practical application of this wisdom in our personal and professional lives brings a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.” -Ian Spicer

I love psych-k so much I now incorporate it into my coaching practice, to get the results and mindset my clients desire. If you are after more information on psych-k, just youtube, google, its 2017 for goodness sake, the info is everywhere lol. If you are after a session or even some abundance coaching with myself feel free to contact me and book your free discovery call now.

Till next time, experience success with confidence.

Abundant regards

xoxo Bec


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It’s Only the Beginning

This Website/ blog has been in the beginning stages for the past 3 months…I found myself like most people filled with paralysing FEAR….you know that little inner voice…the fear of failure?

What will people think?

Will people like it?

Will people judge and think I am not worthy?

Will I be able to help others when I still have so much to learn?

But then I had a huge insight! These are the exact reasons why I must do this blog and website.  I have felt that fear, I have been through that terror barrier on more than one occasion and I need to help others to do the same! I now know my own power and unlimited potential and it is my purpose to help others rise above self-sabotage to experience success with confidence, through coaching and mentoring.

To be honest, I have wanted to share my Story, and the lessons I have learnt for a long time.

I love teaching, helping and inspiring people to go for their dreams and find myself always encouraging and giving advice…

Sometimes even when I wasn’t asked…(another lesson learnt lol). I often thought of writing a book, now with the internet and the easy access, blogging seems a lot more 21st century.

This Blog will be focused on building an abundant life! Business, health, relationships and mindset as it is all interconnected, but with a focus on home-based business training and mindset. Being able to really take hold of the opportunities life has to offer and build and grow yourself, your team and your abundance to your own potential and dreams.

The platform I am using in itself is a huge opportunity for people like you and me. After much research, I finally found this amazing opportunity to get my lessons, story, opportunity to you all. It has taken many years, personal development courses, coaching courses, diplomas in business management, group fitness and a level of success in my home-based businesses, to help me to realise I really want to help others with the challenges I have faced. Building and keeping the right mindset, frequency and growth I feel are the key to success in all areas of life.


Because I myself have learnt many lessons throughout my life while watching, reading, observing and basically I feel that if we as humans can learn the lesson from seeing someone else make the mistakes…wouldn’t it be a lot easier? hahaha Yes but in saying that I am completely aware that sometimes people will still need to learn those lessons themselves. So this Blog is a how to… and a how to not.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking your true unlimited potential, and growth for your Pure Abundance.rebecca-image3

Did you get any value from this post? If so, please comment below and share it on Facebook and any other Social Media websites!

Cheers to your HUGE abundance and success!!!

P.S. Are you still STRUGGLING in Your Life or Business?…

I can help you with my skills as a Psych-k facilitator and life coach specialising in the Law of Attraction.

This work allows me to help empower women. In particular, entrepreneurial women because they want more out of life, and they aren’t happy to settle.

If you are self sabotaging, procrastinating, feeling stuck.

Or maybe you had a great childhood but you seem to be unable to crack the code on what’s holding you back…I am the coach for you.

I combine Psych-k and Law of Attraction coaching in my 6 week program, to get results for my clients.

After I have worked with people they have new beliefs, self love, prosperity mindset, amazing core beliefs and a proven process to change the conscious thoughts.

They gain direction and clarity in their lives, to become and do anything they truly desire.

How do I coach?

My coaching is able to be done online, using Skype, Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger.

I also love coaching on the phone as it gives people the privacy they sometimes need to release all of their fears.

Book your free mini session today by clicking the link here

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