It’s Only the Beginning

This Website/ blog has been in the beginning stages for the past 3 months…I found myself like most people filled with paralysing FEAR….you know that little inner voice…the fear of failure?

What will people think?

Will people like it?

Will people judge and think I am not worthy?

Will I be able to help others when I still have so much to learn?

But then I had a huge insight! These are the exact reasons why I must do this blog and website.  I have felt that fear, I have been through that terror barrier on more than one occasion and I need to help others to do the same! I now know my own power and unlimited potential and it is my purpose to help others rise above self-sabotage to experience success with confidence, through coaching and mentoring.

To be honest, I have wanted to share my Story, and the lessons I have learnt for a long time.

I love teaching, helping and inspiring people to go for their dreams and find myself always encouraging and giving advice…

Sometimes even when I wasn’t asked…(another lesson learnt lol). I often thought of writing a book, now with the internet and the easy access, blogging seems a lot more 21st century. This Blog will be focused on building an abundant life! Business, health, relationships and mindset as it is all interconnected, but with a focus on home-based business training and mindset. Being able to really take hold of the opportunities life has to offer and build and grow yourself, your team and your abundance to your own potential and dreams. The platform I am using in itself is a huge opportunity for people like you and me. After much research, I finally found this amazing opportunity to get my lessons, story, opportunity to you all. It has taken many years, personal development courses, coaching courses, diplomas in business management, group fitness and a level of success in my home-based businesses, to help me to realise I really want to help others with the challenges I have faced. Building and keeping the right mindset, frequency and growth I feel are the key to success in all areas of life.


Because I myself have learnt many lessons throughout my life while watching, reading, observing and basically I feel that if we as humans can learn the lesson from seeing someone else make the mistakes…wouldn’t it be a lot easier? hahaha Yes but in saying that I am completely aware that sometimes people will still need to learn those lessons themselves. So this Blog is a how to… and a how to not. Join me on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking your true unlimited potential, and growth for your Pure Abundance.rebecca-image3
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They gain direction and clarity in their lives, to become and do anything they truly desire.

How do I coach?

My coaching is able to be done online, using Skype, Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger.

I also love coaching on the phone as it gives people the privacy they sometimes need to release all of their fears.

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