Your Hidden Money Blocks Revealed

The Hidden Subconscious Block that is Repelling Money.

Yesterday on a coaching call with a client, It became very clear to me that as an entrepreneurial woman and mother there are some boundaries we may not realise holding us back.

This beautiful healer and meditation teacher was at her wit’s end, wondering how she can get more clients in the door and create more money.

She had her plan, she had her pricing set at a comfortable rate (a little low but that’s for another discussion) and she knew exactly how she could serve her potential clients. So why weren’t they lining up about the door?

As you know manifesting and creating success in your business is not down to one thing, as I explain to anyone who wants to learn, you have the triangle of manifestation.

The mindset, which is an everyday ritual, the Action steps which is also an everyday habit, and the last “missing link” which is my specialty is the subconscious programming, beliefs, patterns, frequencies etc.

But when you dig a little deeper in each of these areas that’s when you find the blockages, and the limitations you are often experiencing.

As a busy mum who wants to create success, time and financial freedom for her family and herself we often get overwhelmed and extremely busy. Ask me how I know this lol.

But as a mother, we also always have what’s best for our families at the core of what we want to create.

This client was making a common mistake that was stopping the abundance flow.

She had worked out that if she works all day Saturday and Sunday and squeezes her meditation class in also around her part-time job and everything else, she will be earning a great income and finally find that financial freedom everyone talks about.

As I taped into her higher self and asked the vital questions, what is the biggest block to your financial success the answers came pretty quickly.

She had not scheduled in time for herself or her family.

If you go back to why you wanted to start this business, yes, I am sure it was for some extra cash, choices, take the pressure off and often as heart-centered entrepreneurs it’s to impact and help others, but deeper then that we are all after one precious thing.

TIME FREEDOM, the extra time to spend with loved ones and yourself is the most valuable thing you could have. Now can you see why it was hard for this client to manifest the money and success she was wanting?

You must find the right balance or the universe will find it for you. Her subconscious mind didn’t want her to miss out on family time so it was sabotaging her results, and this is often the hardest blocks to find. The subconscious blocks…

In order to manifest anything, you have to release resistance, that can be conscious or subconscious and in most cases, i find it is the subconscious blocks that are the missing link to peoples success.

This client was so happy we found the root cause and then together we created a plan and started releasing more of the limiting beliefs, and energetic blocks. Can you guess how she is going to go in her business now? If she does the action steps, the mindset work we have discussed and we continue to release the subconscious abundance blocks, I can guarantee she will have the success she desires!

Yes, I can guarantee that success!

Ask yourself, What is really holding you back from the success and money you desire? Journal on it, meditate and see what comes up. The answers are always there but sometimes they are harder to find than others.

If you are still having trouble finding them?

Let me help you, book in for a no-obligation chat and let’s get you to your goals quicker than ever before. What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to make this year the best year ever?

xoxo Bec


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