Why Do a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool commonly used in the manifesting process to make attraction work for you. A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a specific life goal.  It is one of many processes you can use to help you deliberately create and manifest. It is one of my favorite ways to start a manifestation.

Everything around us is about energy. The more you can get yourself in the frequency of the manifestation the better. Vision boards help you to shift your frequency into having it now. It can be motivating, fun and of course, it’s a great way to get clear on what you truly want.

Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Energy goes where attention flows and results will show.

Vision boards can be used in any area of your life. You can have one for love, career, business, health…there are no limits.

It can remind you of your possibilities and is a way to feed positive messages into your mind.

Keynote: The power is not in the vision board. The power is in what you do to make your vision, a reality. You must still take action steps to manifest your desires.

Vision is merely a dream without action. ~ Joel Barker

Visually your mind records what you see and it does not matter if it is your imagination; it does not decipher between this and reality, so, anything you can do to feed the positive images of your mind rather than the negative helps.

Now How Can You Make a Vision Board That Actually Works?

There are a few steps I recommend.

Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Just like the first step in manifesting, you need to know your outcome.

What do you want?

What do you need?

What do you value?

And how do you want to feel when those things are made manifest?

When thinking of the feelings, be sure to choose single emotion words like free, open, joy, etc. Write it down.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Then your second step is to gather your supplies.

This is the cork board, cardboard, glue, paper, magazines, colored sharpies, glitter, sparkles, etc. Some people like to get fancy. Others like to be clear and simple. Again, this is your creation. You must follow what your heart is calling you towards, fancy or cut and dry…your choice.

Woman's hands with a magazine Free Photo

Step 3: Create a Great Atmosphere

The third step for me is to create a great atmosphere. If you need to clear the energy in the room do so, but find a space that is comfortable and roomy enough to spread out your supplies.

Choose music, light candles, burn incense, gather your crystals, or anything else that supports you in feeling comfortable, relaxed, and tapped in and turned on.

Step 4: Find Images and Power Words

Step four is the fun part.

Find your images and words.

Flip through the magazines, newspapers, or junk mail, and begin tearing/cutting out images/words/phrases that appeal to you. Make sure that it is what you want, not what you believe you should be putting on it. This is your board no one else.

Go through your images + words and look specifically for things that invoke the feeling under your intentions and start arranging them on your page. When it feels just right, go ahead and paste them to the page.

If it doesn’t feel right don’t use it. No comparing or despairing energies here, one of the biggest mistakes is that we want it to look pretty, or show off….this is for no one else but yourself.

Now you have created your amazing new board to create your law of attraction action plan, make sure you put it up where you can see it. Your vision board can now be used as a visual reminder of what you are working towards in your life.

Click on this image to download our Digital Vision Board Tutorial

Look at your board often and connect with why you created it. Feel the energy of having it now, meditate, visualize and lose yourself in the images.

Notice the triggers and resistance. As you begin making your visions real, you may start to notice resistance in the form of limiting beliefs, stories, habits, and patterns that are causing blocks. Heal them so that you can move closer and closer to what you want. As an energy worker, I can help you with this part.

Learn the different ways we can work together here…

Continue to check in and ask yourself how things are going.

Make adjustments and keep fine-tuning.

Trust the process and remember, you wouldn’t be able to dream it if it wasn’t a possibility.

This can be a powerful step towards your goals and it shows the universe you are ready!

One of the most powerful decisions I ever made was to take responsibility for my life. I now know and trust that life happens for me, not to me. I am at cause and not effect. Making a vision board is a choice, a decision to become a deliberate creator.


The most important step throughout this whole process….take the action in an energy of joy and expectation.

And so it is!

xoxo Bec

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