What’s Really Stopping You from Making This Next Decade Amazeballs, With Plenty of Cash Flow, Client Flow and RESULTS?

We are about to start a new decade in less than 26 days so this is a perfect time to make a review of the last one. How has it been for you? Was it good? Was it bad? Did the money and clients flow in your life and your business? If it didn’t what stopped it? This a very important assessment if you want to prevent this next decade we are about to start from turning into a complete shitshow. If you want to make your next decade amazeballs with plenty of cash flow, client flow, and results you need to identify your ABUNDANCE BLOCKS.

What Are Abundance Blocks?

Abundance blocks can come in many shapes and sizes. Most abundance blocks fall into just a few categories and I will go into more details in just a few seconds. You may be hindered by only one abundance block or you may be hindered by many. Your first task will be to identify which types of abundance blocks may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Most Common Abundance Blocks

This is when you feel as if you are not good enough. You don’t deserve wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Belief systems that have never had proof otherwise. So have a completely different neuro expectancy! You just don’t believe that anything can and is working out for you. Even if the signs smack you back right in your face, you can’t see them with these blinders on.

This fear represents fear of success, failure, fear of change, fear of responsibility. Fear, in general, is one of the mightiest abundance blocks. You have to learn how to navigate your fear responses and IN FACT, use it as your compass to grow with speed and grace.

Stagnant Energy

You are literally stuck in your comfortable and safe zone. The real world you want to think of as a safe world is small. Because the safer you feel you are…the smaller you stay, right? This is when you become unwilling to take chances in the entrepreneurial journey that requires us to take risks. That the whole point!

You Are All Cluttered Up

Physical clutter can make your daily life a chaotic mess. You may also have cluttered values if you deeply desire one thing, and you are striving to meet the goals that you feel someone else (or society) has imposed upon you. This can cause inner clutter, conflict, and stop you from that deep inner trust you NEED to stand in your power and receive your abundance.

You Have An Invisible Wall on Your Heart

I am talking about a strong wall to protect and keep your heart “safe”. This is what I call it a “Heart-Wall.” It keeps negative emotions and frequencies in and positive vibes out.

Now, you’re thinking, Bec let’s get to the practical part! How do I clear the invisible abundance blocks?

You’re at the right place at the right time to answer this question.

2020 is not only a new year but is also a new decade. It is the perfect time to refresh, revamp, and start anew. 2020 is the perfect time to release those abundance blocks and raise your receiving mode!


This is what I call it. When you do that you will open yourself up to higher vibrations that will allow you to achieve your goals. You will get clarity and motivation.

Techniques to Clear Abundance Blocks


Become one with the ground as you meditate, and let the abundance blocks flow out of you.

Breathing and Meditation

In a comfortable safe place, concentrate on your breathing. Do not change it, just pay attention to it. Clear your mind completely. Take note of the first thing that pops back into it, and then remove that abundance block later. Was it a recurring issue at work? Maybe it’s time to look for something new don’t you think?

Energy Work and Healing

Releasing invisible emotional trauma and the energy it can cause. This is what I do in my Abundance Code System I have created. It can transform your life and remove abundance blocks. Get to the Core Wound. Finding the original incident is powerful, scary, and necessary if you want to clear out the blocks. Once we achieve that, we change perceptions, have more awareness, and change from the root cause.

This is the only way to get LASTING CHANGE. This process is powerful, deep, and transformative. Healing on this level is done with co-regulation. (IE: not alone.) You can’t get the lasting change and deep transformation on your own. Upgrading your emotional IQ will lead to knowing your attachment wounds and survival patterns. It is truly a deeply transformative process healed through co-regulation, ie together.

You need to get your nervous system on board. Your central nervous system is designed for surviving not thriving. Once you do the work on this, again it’s a very deep process, you will be able to shift and change so many things in your life and business! Vagal nerve realignment is my fav!

Developing the self-awareness and skills to identify and then clear abundance blocks can help you on the path for a better, more fulfilling life. It will definitely help you get the money, the clients, the success you crave!

2020 is the Decade for Pure Abundance! 

I see you, you got this, and I got you!

xoxo Bec

Abundance Breakthrough Coach for Impact-Driven Female Entrepreneurs

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