My Top 5 Abundance Blocks and How to Clear Them

Are you wondering where are all your amazing desires you have been manifesting? Do you feel like you have been doing all the work, but they are still not showing up? I get it! Really, I do, this is one of the top complaints from my clients.

Find Out What Is Stopping Your Flow!

To make it easier to identify what the issues may be, I have put together this list of the top 5 habits you need to quit to become your abundance self.

Awareness is key, so here’s to make you aware!


#1 Lack Mindset

A LACK mindset can be instilled from your childhood, from your circumstances you lived or grown up with, and from your programming. Lack can show up in many forms: not enough time, not enough money, not enough opportunities….

The FEAR that there is not enough, or that money will run out is one of the biggest blocks in the process of manifesting more abundance. The truth is: there is always enough!

You just must open your awareness and start to change your expectations and beliefs around lack.

There is a universal Law of Abundance, which is just as real as the universal Law of Gravity.

Once you fully know this, have faith and trust in this. Your perceptions change, and you start to become aware of the abundance all around you.

I am not saying to be silly with your money, but don’t spend your money with the energy of fear or lack.

#2 Comparison

The comparison is the thief’s joy!

This is one of my favorite sayings because when you compare your life to where someone else’s is, then you are generating the energy of separation.

Everyone is on their own journey.

Stop beating yourself up because you feel you’re not where you want to be or where you believe you should be.

Empower yourself and remember that manifestations unfold in the perfect timing.

Divine Intelligence will move your desires towards you in whatever way it sees fit.

Your lessons and journey are not to be compared to anyone else’s, as there is not one other person on this planet like you.

You are unique! You are divine! You are worthy!

# 3 Blame

I have observed 3 types of people in the world: blamers, shamers, and claimers.

Blamers don’t take any responsibility for where they are at, they give their power away.

It’s never their fault.

They are the victims, and this is not abundant energy to be in. In fact, it is one of the lowest vibrations to be in.

If you want to manifest anything, your frequency needs to be high!

Maybe you have had some bad circumstances. I don’t deny that but switch your blame to gratitude, and I promise you that your whole life will change.

It’s about taking responsibility for your own decisions and taking back your power.

Remember, when you are pointing your finger at someone else there are always 3 fingers pointing straight back at you.

#4 Jealousy

Jealousy is like the comparison, except it is rooted in bitterness and the energy of entitlement. It can seem like a chip on your shoulder and it has a massive effect on your flow of abundance.

Put that green-eyed monster away and change those negative thoughts to happy and proud feelings.

Remember, if you can see proof that others are successful, that can help you gain belief and evidence that it is possible.

Have you heard the saying “what I wish for you, I wish for myself”?

If you truly want to manifest your abundance start to do a 180 on those negative thoughts. Make sure that next time you feel jealous you try to feel happy for the person and even happier with their accomplishments and success.

CELEBRATE others’ successes and wins, use it as proof that anything is possible. Otherwise, you are blocking your flow of energy of the things you desire from coming into your reality.

#5 Complaining

QUIT complaining and bitching with your family or friends.

Be honest now, do you complain? Do you bitch about others behind their backs? How do you converse with your friends?

Release the need for drama and negative gossip and watch your energy shift. The frequency that we fuel our intentions for with others will determine whether we are allowing abundance to flow or rejecting it at the door.

Fair warning here, as you start to raise your frequency and become your happier more abundant self, you may be releasing some of the not-so-happy friends along the way.

This does make it easier to stop complaining…when you no longer converse with these people, in the same way, they will probably stop talking with you anyway.

Choose to Focus on the Positive Because We All Know What We Energize Expands!

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Cheers to your HUGE success!!!

xoxo Bec


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Did you get any value from this post? If so, please comment below and share it on Facebook and any other Social Media websites!

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