Success! … WTF! Oh … Now I Get It … LOL!

What is Success?

To Answer that question you have to answer another…

What do you really want?

Is it financial freedom?


Time freedom?



Make a difference?

And the list can go on!

In order to get what you really want and therefore “success”, it is critical to understand exactly what your outcome will be. Clarity is King, believe me, confusion is the killer, I had this issue myself for a time and it is very frustrating when you are trying to achieve things without truly knowing the outcome and the actual goal you want to achieve. Be aware that it won’t necessarily happen overnight!

In fact, for most people, it will take time, growth, training, guts and you may even find yourself socially on the out for a time. I know I have been there lol.

Why, because not everyone will see your vision and they like yourself at first, are usually scared for you. It is human nature to be scared of what you don’t know, that is what we have been bought up to believe and part of most peoples paradigm so be aware that it is normal and whatever you do DONT TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

William Pen Patrick said

” Be quiet, enjoy it, learn. No person, idea, or institution becomes great until great resistance has been encountered. greatness cannot be achieved until this concept is understood. Unfortunately, the average person is ignorant of this rule of achievement. Mr and Mrs average and their ignorance are fearful and reluctant to encounter even slight resistance. They don’t want to make waves or be criticized, they incorrectly feel that criticism will hold them back and prevent their happiness to be realized. In truth, the opposite is the case. Take note, when we begin to change we are the first given resistance by our loved ones for they fear change because change means facing the unknown.

When we make rapid progress or commitment to rapid progress we have roadblocks put up by our friends and relatives. they begin to resist by negative comments and actions, which are devices that cause you to maintain the status quo.  If you were to achieve great progress you must prevail against those closest to you. This is difficult and requires courage because you desire to please and not hurt those you love. The truth is that great harm befalls your loved ones when you fail to e yourself, to do your thing and become what you are meant to become. This is so because you lose yours for life. Your growth process stops and your self-esteem diminishes those negatives are reversed when you stand your ground and when you have prevailed your loved ones gain a new and a higher respect for you. History provides countless examples of this” 

So decide what you want, decide you can have it, get your why and remember to focus on the outcome. Energy goes where focus flows and results show!