Money belief$


What are your money beliefs?

How do you get money?

Where does it come from?
Do you believe that you get money from a job and the more hours and effort you put in, the more money you make?
This is exactly what the majority believe and that is exactly why the majority are not wealthy.
What if I told you that the programming you have received is all wrong…As a child, I grew up very poor. I learned from a very young age that money was hard to come by. I always got told, “we can’t afford that” and, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.
I grew up with what I call a poverty mindset.
When I saw a ‘rich’ person my immediate thoughts were they must be nasty, stuck up, and terrible people. I would have jealousy and feel sorry for myself…Why me, type attitude.
This was the behavior of everyone around me, so how was I to know any different. This was where my poverty mindset was nurtured. Just like the studies show the lower socioeconomic families are more likely to stay ‘poor’ and the ‘rich’ families are more likely to stay ‘rich’.
Here is the science behind that, when I first learned about how we form our habits and beliefs, it all started to make sense…We know that our beliefs determine how we see the world, our perspective, perception.
This is now proven scientifically. We see everything in our world through a filter of our own beliefs and programs.
Our brain can see over 40,000,000 bits of information at any one second. So our conscious brain doesn’t get overloaded, it goes through a filtering system.
We actually consciously receive 40 bits of information at any one second.
The filtering system is created from our beliefs and past experience.
Our beliefs are formed from birth (even in the womb), till the age of about 6 or 7. Our brains are in a constant state of hypnosis, or super learning at these ages.
The brain waves of a child are proven to be very different than that of an adult. How else does a child learn everything so quickly and easily? We are like mirrors at this age and everything we see, hear or feel, we store in our minds. That is what causes our filters and beliefs.
The most important part of this information to understand is that scientists now believe we go through life mostly unconsciously. We are using our subconscious mind approximately 95 % of the time.
Therefore we are literally walking around with our parents’ recycled thoughts and programming.
You can live ‘consciously’ and try to be aware of every thought and belief, which is extremely difficult in this busy world. Or you can change the subconscious beliefs and have them working for you, without having to think about it. That’s where energy psychology comes in handy. As you know I recommend psych-k, that is what I use and facilitate.
When we have a mentality and belief that money is a limited supply. That the richer someone else gets the less is left for us. The programing is there is never enough… that belief will keep you poor and keep you stuck.
If these are your thoughts and you have had a similar experience, the good news is we can change those programs.
You have the power to change your thoughts and your beliefs about anything.
Just by recognizing and raising your awareness about your beliefs, you are on the right track and making some shifts! If you want to be an entrepreneur or create more money for yourself and your family.
It starts with your beliefs.
Start to be aware of how you feel when you see a ‘rich’ person. If it is negative then work on that belief first. Start to feel happy for that person and feel genuinely grateful and abundant about money. Everyone can become wealthy, everyone can create money.
Wealth is something you create by creating value.
The way you increase your wealth is by creating value! It doesn’t matter if your an employee or employer. Your job doesn’t owe you anything. You need to be the best version of yourself and create value by being a valuable person.
Show up, get out of the time/money prison.
If you think you get paid only by the hours you work and there is a limit to how much you can get paid, then you are stuck in the rat race.
 You are literally limited.
There is another way. Ask yourself, how can I serve the world? How can I be the best version of myself? Be open to receiving money. Abundance is all around us when we are OPEN to RECEIVE. You may think you don’t have anything of value to give, but I am here to tell you EVERYONE has something to give.

Trust your own guidance, what do you have that is of value?

How can you contribute to the world?

Your mind creates money through your feelings about it and then the actions you take based on the feeling around it! We are only limited by our own minds.

Change your relationship with money.

Do you love money or do you love what money can buy? If you are spending money trying to feel better you will never have a good relationship with money. I propose to you to only spend money when you feel good!

‘Money is not the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil! Do you see the difference? you have to get comfortable with money and allowing it to enter your life.

Money allows us to do many amazing, fun, and helpful things. It can also help us solve A LOT of problems.

These ideas of what we believe is possible or impossible about money are holding us back from being able to have more money in our lives.

I have a freebie on my website about money blocks and some ways on how to shift them. Please feel free to grab your copy.

I also added a full session into my 6-week coaching package. One-on-one coaching to remove the blocks and self-sabotage holding you back from your true potential.

There is enough money in the world for everyone to live abundantly, happy and free and when you see and feel this you are on the right track to Pure abundance.

Abundant regards,

Bec X

xoxo Bec


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