Money belief$


What are your money beliefs?

How do you get money?

Where does it come from?
Do you believe that you get money from a job and the more hours and effort you put in, the more money you make?
This is exactly what the majority believe and that is exactly why the majority are not wealthy.
What if I told you that the programming you have received is all wrong…As a child, I grew up very poor. I learned from a very young age that money was hard to come by. I always got told, “we can’t afford that” and, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.
I grew up with what I call a poverty mindset.
When I saw a ‘rich’ person my immediate thoughts were they must be nasty, stuck up, and terrible people. I would have jealousy and feel sorry for myself…Why me, type attitude.
This was the behavior of everyone around me, so how was I to know any different. This was where my poverty mindset was nurtured. Just like the studies show the lower socioeconomic families are more likely to stay ‘poor’ and the ‘rich’ families are more likely to stay ‘rich’.
Here is the science behind that, when I first learned about how we form our habits and beliefs, it all started to make sense…We know that our beliefs determine how we see the world, our perspective, perception.
This is now proven scientifically. We see everything in our world through a filter of our own beliefs and programs.