How To Grow Yourself, So You Can Grow A Team

Hello and welcome! I am so excited to share my learnings and help as many people grow and create their abundant world, both in business and personally. If you don’t know already, everything is connected and I truly believe that, if you want to grow a business, either home-based or traditional, you will more then likely to come across some barriers, that you may feel are holding you back.

How do I know this? And what makes me the expert?

Well, firstly I am no expert but, I will share with you some SIMPLE tips I have come across in my years of owning a traditional business and now with my home-based business. So, what are my tips to grow yourself in order to grow your team?….

You guessed it, personal development!

Personal development is a scary word for some and you may not have even heard of it. But, you will learn and grow so much by digging deep within yourself and discovering your strengths, weaknesses, fears and limiting beliefs, then smashing through those barriers! This is an absolutely huge topic so I want to start you slowly… There are some simple steps to start to take when you want to grow your self. The first one could be as simple as picking up a book! Download, audiobooks, whichever you find easier. Start to look in the personal development area and see what pops out at you. Let your intuition help! We all have amazing inner guidance and intuition that we can learn to tap into as we grow and develop into leaders and confident business people. I personally recommend these books, “Think and Grow Rich”, “How to win friends and Influence People”, “Failing Forward”, just for a start. Honestly, the range is HUGE! The next step is to take some time for yourself…

Start a morning ritual!

We are all creatures of habit!  Why not use that to our advantage and start a morning ritual to serve yourself. I personally start my gratitude journal. I read my goals and then do a 10-minute meditation on my goals and visualize as if I have already achieved them.  I physically write a quick journal about them, really feel the feelings and emotions about achieving my goals. Immerse yourself in that moment. I then have 2 songs I listen to and really prime myself for my day. I set my intention to have an amazing day, and allow the universe to guide me toward my true purpose and happiness. As a result, my days are much happier, productive and I find I am a lot more organized. Some of you will say “I don’t have time for that!”. I used to think the same, so now I set my alarm an hour earlier and BOOM, I created time! The one thing that every single person on this planet has in common is time. Learning how to time manage and create time is extremely important. I will do a blog on this soon. These are just a couple of things to think about when starting on the journey to abundance! Join me as I explore how to have an Abundant life. Abundantly yours, Bec x