What Happens In Your 1st Coaching Session?

My First Ever coaching session is for me!

How do I feel you say?

SHIT SCARED AND SUPER EXCITED, all at the same time!

Why do I love coaching so much?

Well, I may sidetrack a little….when I was a child…blah blah blah… let’s just say I signed up for one hell of a childhood. I am like many people who have had the fortune and the miss fortune of seeing life from both sides…I found personal development over 10 years ago and fell in love. The idea that you can grow, learn, become better, abundant, happy, and create your own reality! Really! I am the creator of my own life! I am the designer and the producer…

Well, sign me up!

But a little over 12 months ago after owning and managing my dream business(my café), I discovered a passion still inside for more! I have been so blessed to even be able to become a business owner(law of attraction for sure)But I still wanted and still do, want more! I started back into …I will just say it quickly…..network marketing! (gasp)lol. I saw an amazing opportunity and loved the products. BOOM, went on another adventure, little did I know this was only a stepping stone to my true path and desires. I felt the fear factor, people started judging me or I felt they were, from my perception…beliefs… I will admit it, I got SCARED! My unconscious limiting beliefs and paradigms, which I developed from ages, birth to 6…..the worst part of my life, had crept back in!


Then one day, I have seen women on Facebook advertising their coaching program and at that stage feeling very low, confused, full of fear, I decided I needed to try this coaching thing. After a reasonable investment, I got some coaching done. It was the BEST thing I could have done for myself as it clarified what I truly desired and my life’s purpose. Now, not everyone is a coach, but looking back on various roles, jobs, and life experiences I realized I have been ‘ coaching ‘ all of my life! After some more fear and soul-searching…I looked around, did some online courses…and then got serious this year and invested big time in myself and my future. I paid and registered to become an ‘Inspired Spirit Coach’, and doing my Psych-K courses. Now I am able to help change limiting beliefs, support, inspire and motivate others like myself to become the best version of themselves!

Why am I a coach?

Why did I say ‘stuff you fear’?

Because I love to serve! I want to serve anyone and everyone who wants abundance! And if I am totally honest…IT MAKES ME FEEL GREAT TO HELP OTHERS GET RESULTS! I AM SELFISH lol,  I AM A COACH,  I AM WORTHY, AND I AM ENOUGH! Sincerely, your selfish, abundance coach xxx

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