What you believe you receive.

Beliefs are one of the biggest roadblocks to creating your freedom life and business. When you don’t have the right foundational beliefs and you don’t really believe in yourself enough, it will show up in your results, your money, your happiness.

Cultivate belief in yourself with some simple shifts, as described below.

Firstly It’s important to remember who you really are. You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience. You are made up of the same stuff the universe, the creator and everything in the universe is made from, DEVINE substance.

We all have this incredible ability to create and attract what we desire. However, sometimes we can get in our own way and sabotage the progress.

We must BELIEVE, everything that unfolds in your reality is based on your belief. As the quote goes, ‘whether you believe you can or you believe you cant you are absolutely right!’

When you lean into the spiritual truth that anything is possible, then you open up your heart and your mind to the magic of your limitless possibilities.

When you desire to become a deliberate creator and you activate your own inner divinity, you must then take inspired action.

An example could be, if you want to manifest a great relationship you must step out of your comfort zone to meet new people.

If you want to manifest abundance, then you have to take action and open up the channels to receive wealth and prosperity. Taking action could be a simple as writing an email, making the phone call or writing the blog.

Don’t doubt yourself. Doubt is for the nonbelievers. When you believe in your own power you KNOW that anything is possible. As Abraham would say “you are the leading edge of manifestation” Just keep moving forward with expectation, faith and love.

That knowing is the faith that you can have, do, be anything you truly desire. When you have it, that’s the time to take the leap, It’s where you take inspired action steps without the solid proof of the outcome.

It’s the simple action steps that show The Universe that you have created the space for transformation to manifest into your life.

Switch on your intuition. Then you will know in your heart when you are headed in the right direction. Everyone has this innate ability, everyone is intuitive. When you practice leading from this energy and space it will spark trust in yourself and the universe will follow suit.

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Are you ready to make this year the best year ever?

xoxo Bec


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