5 Top Tips to Create The Best Start In 2019

“This Year is Going to Be the Best Year Ever!”

If you have started out the year saying this and then getting to the end and wondering where did the time go!

If you set powerful Intentions leading up to the New Year, only to get distracted or fall short, due to the numerous distractions and emotional demands of daily life?

Firstly, you have to know you are not alone, and you have come to the right place (there are no accidents)

If you desire to intentionally become a new version of you, with an upgraded operating system, paradigms shift and magical manifestations appearing left right and center – it’s imperative to do the following things…

I have designed this blog as a kind of step by step on how to start 2019 with the end in mind, to ensure your success, abundance, and prosperity.

Now I am going to invite you to make a decision and not only read this but share a comment and take at least one action step as listed TODAY.

Time to get serious about your life and abundance, and there is no better way to show the universe how serious you are then taking actions steps towards that goal.

Here are my top 5 tips to creating the best start to 2019

1. Get Clear, I Mean Like CRYSTAL

It’s important to get very clear about what your goals and intentions are in 2019.

I recommend clearing some time on your schedule and sit in a quiet space. Clear your mind of anything, and everything and get out your journal.

Ask yourself this question.

“If I was to fully be the person that I want to be in life and in my business, what does that look like? What would I actually be doing?

Write it down, give yourself time to breathe, imagine, play.

This will help gain clarity about your goals and intentions for the coming year.

Then write them down! That way you can reverse engineer them and start planning out your time.

2. Create Your Why

The “why” that makes you cry right?

Humans will do 50 % more to avoid pain then they will gain pleasure. What can we use this information for? The pain of loss is one of human’s biggest drivers. We will do more to avoid pain than to just go through with the action.

But seriously it doesn’t matter what your goals and dreams are you need to attach large amounts of pain to not achieving this goal and large amounts or happy, successful emotions to when you do.

3. Create a New Perspective with New Daily Habits and Rituals

These daily habits we are going to change are not going to be boring or hard, we want fun light exercises that bring joy, hope, and belief in your daily world.

Remember Joy is the key to your life, feeling good no matter what time of year it is.

These new habits and rituals that you are going to commit to on a daily basis, will spark a connection with the universe.

You will connect in, every single day, and this is where the magic happens. Consistency is key.

A first new habit, wake up 30 to 60 mins earlier and give yourself an hour of power. This time is all by yourself with no kids around, no hubby or partner on your back. Just you.

Use this time to create your rituals, meditate, journal, set your daily intentions, pray, stretch and or exercise. I will go into more details about these in my next blog but first and foremost make that decision and start to honor yourself and your time with YOU time.

Try not to limit yourself to what you believe “must” be done on a daily basis and start asking yourself what you can I do to bring more mindfulness into your reality in simple, effortless ways.

Rituals can also be walking in a park or in nature. It could be your devotion to your lover. It could be acts of service or random acts of kindness for a total stranger.

The beauty of life is activated when you turn daily tasks into rituals that can empower your vibration. This is how you can set yourself up for success in 2019 and beyond.

4. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

As you may or may not be aware your mind is like an ice burg…when we see the iceberg you only ever see that 1%, the tip, but the dangerous part of the iceberg isn’t the tip the 1 % it’s the 99% that we don’t see.

When we look at your mindset or your psychology the chances are most of what you see isn’t the dangerous part of your psychology, it isn’t part of the psychology that is necessarily preventing you.

Although it has an impact, the part of your mindset that is affecting you the most is t