For a range of reasons, many people and women in special do seem to have blocks around money. A wide range of beliefs can be connected to this. Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You find yourself saying to your children “money doesn’t grow on trees”( my mums personal favorite)
  • You're living in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feeling like it's enough
  • You often procrastinate taking care of income-producing activities in your business
  • You feel massive resistance around having the money conversation with potential clients
  • When you see a ‘rich’ person and your thoughts are “they must be arrogant,” or maybe you feel resentment towards them (without even knowing them)
  • You can't see how you could possibly increase your income without working much harder or taking an extra job
  • You know you have a great business opportunity, but you can’t seem to make enough money from it, let alone get rich
  • You have that terrible feeling of guilt whenever you spend money on yourself
  • You always say…'when I get rich I will…blah blah blah'(and tomorrow never comes)?
  • Your thoughts go something like this…” If I earn this amount …that means I am a selfish hog” or “If I start to earn more money my friends will think I am stuck up” or worst of all “If I become successful and rich my family will want to sponge off of me”

If you can resonate with any or all of the above then don’t worry! I’ve got your back!