Hi and welcome,

I’m Bec and thanks for stopping by. I have put this website together to share some of the most amazing knowledge and teachings I have been fortunate enough to learn.

And .. now as a Law of Attraction Coach and Psych K Facilitator, my job is to pass this wisdom and practice on to you, so you can have more financial freedom and flow in your life.

A little about me:

I am a mother, wife, life coach and entrepreneur. I also have experience in running my own traditional business, a café in South Australia.

But I wasn’t always so blessed.

In fact, if you knew me as a child you would hardly recognize me.

My early years where my test and foundation for my life lessons, with abuse of all types around me until the tender age of 6. Seeing my mother go through the cycle of abuse over and over again. It resolved me at a very early age to never let anyone have control over me.

I was a very strong child and worked hard to become better. But I didn’t realize that the early years of my life would determine my programming and the self-worth issues and feeling, I was never enough, started to hit ( as it seems to always) around the age of 30…

The age-old questions

  • Why do I self-sabotage?
  • Why did I procrastinate?
  • Why do I feel I wasn’t enough when I knew I had done so much work on myself?

I knew the law of attraction …

I was a personal development junkie!

But these behaviors were still holding me back.

That’s when I discovered Bruce Lipton’s work.

The Biology of Belief is an incredible book that opened up another door for me! My subconscious programming! Now I knew that in the early years we create all of our programs, and then I realized my first 6 years were lived in fear, hate, and abuse…I had a lot of work to do.

I asked myself …

How can I change these subconscious beliefs without having to say 50,000 affirmations every day?

I did hypnosis, tapping, meditation, which are all great, but it wasn’t until I found Psych-k that my life started to change.

I realized I could quickly and easily change my beliefs and I was hooked.

So .. how I can help you?

I can help you with my skills as a Psych-k facilitator and life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction.

This work allows me to help empower women. In particular, entrepreneurial women because they want more out of life, and they aren’t happy to settle.

If you are self-sabotaging, procrastinating, feeling stuck.

Or maybe you had a great childhood but you seem to be unable to crack the code on what’s holding you back…I am the coach for you.

I combine Psych-k and Law of Attraction coaching in my 6-week program, to get results for my clients.

After I have worked with people they have new beliefs, self-love, prosperity mindset, amazing core beliefs and a proven process to change the conscious thoughts.

They gain direction and clarity in their lives, to become and do anything they truly desire.

How do I coach?

My coaching is able to be done online, using Skype, Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger.

I also love coaching on the phone as it gives people the privacy they sometimes need to release all of their fears.

Book your free mini session today by clicking the link here

Abundantly yours,

Bec X