Money Magnet Intensive

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Intensive Money Magnet Manifesting Course for those who have a broken relationship with their money, who are struggling to pay their bills, who want to attract more abundance and wealth with simple techniques that will align them with the energy and vibration of money.


Are You Sick of Feeling That Heavy Ickyness in the Bottom of Your Gut When It Comes to Paying Your Bills or Being Able to Afford What You Want or Need?

Are You Ready to Have a Better Relationship with Money?

Are You Ready to Be Able to Call in Money and Create the Freedom, the Time, Ease, Less Stress and Overwhelm When It Come to Money?

Are You Seeking Clarity and Awareness About Abundance?

Are You Ready to Release the Stuck and Stagnant Feeling About Money?

Receiving it shouldn't be so hard to do!

So, let's use real-world strategies to release all barriers to money, amplify your income, and manifest money on command! 

Becoming a Money Magnet Intensive is 90% About Energy Alignment and the Rest is the Aligned Action Steps!

Everything is energy and tapping into your creative energy is key to manifesting money.

You were NOT meant to struggle!

It was never meant to be this hard!

The awesome news is that these tools and teachings, that millionaires have known and worked with for years are also available to you!

Once you start to live in alignment with money and the universal laws that surround money and everything.

It becomes simple.

You are in the flow, and opportunities, inspired ideas, thoughts, people, everything starts to click and money becomes your friend.


Ok... So, I am not going to promise you that all of your money problems will be gone in 30 days, or that you are going to be a millionaire in a month!… (and if anyone says that, then run the other way…fast)

What you can expect is a HUGE transformation in your money, straight up when you commit and go all in.

By joining this program, you will be saying YES to PROSPERITY.

YES, to making money your friend and understanding money properly, (money will be so happy with you!)

You will be able to manifest like never before and create a new money pathway for your future.

If you apply what I teach you and take the aligned action steps you will create money magic.

Opportunities will become open to you.

Your vibration and consciousness level will rise and you will start to become aware of your money beliefs and limitations.

You will let go of your judgment around money, learn new processors, become immersed in creating real results.

Open new money channels, if you choose, and release your fears, blocks, and doubts about becoming a money magnet.

The amount you manifest is up to you but expect miracles.

4 Weeks to Learn and Implement.

What you will be learning. (the program)

  • Universal Laws: The universal laws that govern our world, how they really work and how to use them to bring in abundance
  • Manifesting tools
  • These processers are easy but powerful. Together I walk with you through some of the most powerful tools to learn, when becoming a master at money.
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Mindset is huge when calling in money. We will be diving deep with more fun and expansion into your money mindset.
  • Alignment with money and your higher self
  • Learn how to hear your inner wisdom about money. It is all there for us to tap into!  Let's connect and get the answers, opportunities, circumstances that alignment will bring together.
  • Traditional money manifesting tools.
  • We walk through the basics right up to the complicated. I teach, show and flow with you through these traditional, yet powerful abundance creating tools.
  • How to manifest using Divine intelligence
  • Connect with your angels and guides and learn how to call in Divine energy to help you manifest, easier than ever before.
  • Inspired reads
  • An inspired list of books that have changed my life!
  • And so much more!


12 Principles of Success                                                                            $197 Value

Perfect Day Journal Tutorial                                                                    $97 Value

Vision Board Tutorial                                                                                   $97 Value

Visualisations                                                                                                  $97 Value

Downloadable Daily Gratitude Journal                                                  $49 Value

5 Day Become a Money Magnet Challenge                                            $297 Value

3 Day Super Money Manifestor™ Training                                           $297 Value

Declaration to Accept Abundance                                                                $97 Value

Total Bonuses                                                                                                   $1134 Value

Get all this for the introductory price of only                                                      $197

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