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I’m Not an Ordinary Coach

I am not your ordinary coach, my style is a hybrid of energy work and coaching methods to get to the root of the problem and work your way out into the light, the success and the prosperity you desire and deserve.

Free Mini-Session / Discovery Call

Do you have some questions or you’re not sure if I’m the right type of coach for you? Use this to schedule a FREE Mini-Session (use code “Intro10” when booking). This call is for the women who are ready to make a huge change in their lives and want to connect with me to discuss her specific problems. Learn More


Home Study Courses

These courses are for you if you know you are reaching a certain level in your business and you can’t get past, or you have a very inconsistent income flow and you want to learn how to manifest money easier. Choose from courses about Money Manifestation, Mindset, Principles of Success, or More. Learn More

Abundance Alignment Program

A very popular one-on-one program where I get on a Zoom call with you every week for at least 60 mins (often more) and together we reprogram your subconscious mind! YES, your belief systems and you manifesting ability are forever changed! (quick, easy, and the most popular of my program’s). It only lasts 6 weeks but the results are amazing. Learn More

Total Transformation Program

Another popular program consisting of 12 x 60 min sessions with me, where we adjust your abundance mode, and we re-pattern your relationships, energetic alignment…… and so so much more. Time will fly by because the transformations during the course are game-changing. This option includes weekly support (you can reach out to me anytime) and, of course, transformations. Learn More

VIP Coaching

This program will require a minimum of 6 months commitment. You get me one-on-one for 6 months! I am your support, and we literally go about changing your life, starting with the missing link! You also get FREE access to my Money Magnet Intensive with this VIP package and my undying and total support, plus so much more! Learn More

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Answer some quick questions

Before you schedule your appointment or during the scheduling process, there will be a quick questionnaire about you and your biggest concerns. Answer the questions the best  you can.

choose the best time to talk

I know you are a busy mum and mumpreneur taking care of your family and working your biz at the same time. Your time is valuable. You will be able to select a time that works with both your schedule and mine.


Show Up & Plan

During our initial schedule we will discuss your responses on the booking questionnaire and we will craft a plan that will ensure  you get the best results for your business as well as your personal life. 


“I was stuck in a complicated and miserable situation and somehow she managed to open my eyes and be the one that`s in control of my life. I manifested a new job and my soulmate. I got them both. Life is amazing and heading to better and better. I highly recommend the 12 week transformation program. It helped me become a better, happier, stronger, and more confident me.”


Manager, Seattle, USA

“Rebecca’s Abundance Alignment Program changed my life. After the program I manifested a windfall of more than $42,000, 3 and sometimes 4 new clients consistently per week, and now I live my freedom lifestyle and business.
Thanks Rebecca! I am blown away and the best thing about your magic is I get to keep it for the rest of my life…”


Life Coach, Australia

“Working with Rebecca has been amazing. I had so many limiting beliefs and we were able to work right through them. She has also done regular alignment workshops in my business group with more than  2,500 team members which has created massive results in my organization of more than 20,000 people. She has a gift and anyone would be lucky to work with her.”


SAHM, Author, Entrepreneur, USA

From my blog

Top 5 Abundance Blocks That Are Preventing You from Attracting Abundance

Are you wondering where are all your amazing desires you have been manifesting? Do you feel like you have been doing all the work, but they are still not showing up? I get it! Really, I do, this is one of the top complaints from my clients.

Find Out What Is Stopping Your Flow!

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